Global Game Jam 2014 (Cleveland Game Developers)

by Ian Faleer

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This album is a compilation of all of the music I created for six wonderfully inventive games during the 2014 Global Game Jam. During this event, which takes place simultaneously in 63 countries, programmers, writers, artists, and musicians work in teams (or solo) to create games over a 48 hour period. I began writing this music on Friday January 24th and finished by Sunday January 26th, just before the submission deadline.

One of the main concepts I worked with this year was to create music that evolved and changed over time based on the player's actions. Whether triggered by crossing a level check point or interacting with an object in the game environment, several of the games I worked on featured close ties between musical changes and gameplay.

This is my third year participating in the Global Game Jam, and as a video game composer, I look forward to this event every year. It is a terrific test of my ability to balance multiple projects, to push myself to meet tight deadlines, and to trust my creative instincts. Feel free to download any of these tracks for free, but payment of any amount is always graciously accepted. I hope you enjoy this music.

You can play all the games created by the Cleveland Game Devs at:


released January 28, 2014

All music was composed and recorded by Ian Faleer.



all rights reserved


Ian Faleer Oberlin, Ohio

Ian Faleer is a graduate of the Oberlin College Conservatory. He works in Northeast Ohio as a music educator, choral conductor, and freelance composer/sound designer for games and other media.

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Track Name: Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder (Beholder High)
"My Darling,
I remember when I first looked into
As many of your eyes as I could."

Oh Beholder, Beholder
The stars could not have foretold her
Her eyes, how they smolder
Without her my heart would be colder

When I met her, I was nervous
But her smile made me bolder
Though she doesn't find me physically attractive
My great personality sold her

I swear on the demons below
That we will never part
Cause I know…you won…
The initiative roll for my heart!

Oh Beholder, Beholder
I'll love you young or older
Even if our relationship
Was platonic like Scully and Mulder

When we dance, I wish I could lean on you
But you're only a head with no shoulder
If she was a little origami crane
I would treasure and never unfold her

And if she broke my heart
I wouldn't have the courage to scold her
She may be a hideous D&D monster
But beauty is found in the eye of the Beholder